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Rights of Islamic Tatars in Crimea should be secured! Muslim Tatars have been oppressed in Crimea. The Islamic Khanate of Crimea was a part of the Islamic Ottoman State from 1475 to 1774. From 1774 to 1783 the Islamic Khanate of Crimea was independent. The Islamic Tatars should get again the Islamic Tatar Khanate, which was in Crimea before the year 1783 when Russia took over Crimea. An Islamic state would be the best solution in the Crimean crisis! No infidel Russian or Ukrainian rule in Crimea but the Islamic state in Crimea!

Palestinians should develop an effective and progressive islamic state. Israel should confess that state. All Israeli settlements in the west bank should be removed. The Palestinians should produce accurate rockets and a proper artillery because they could have a real military significance. The Palestinians should develop a quality instead of a quantity. In this way the Palestinians could succeed in a struggle against Israel.

Our great aim is to promote healthy material and spiritual welfare in Finland and elsewhere in the world according to Islamic faith and values.The party wants to have an effect on politics, legislation and education through Islamic values. The party promotes sound ways of life by supporting choices that are based on Islam.

The Finnish Islamic Party wants to present alternatives in the legislation that are Islamic and socially equitable. Our goal is to have a healthier and safer society where adults, youngsters and children can live in a healthy set of values. This kind of impact would make Finland healthier society.This would reward us economically for example with lower social- and health care expenses. In this way the Finnish society would develop into a better direction.

We work towards promoting things in Finnish legislation that would be Islamic and beneficial to the Finnish people. We aim at protesting things in Finnish legislation that are un-Islamic and not good for the Finnish people. The Finnish government and municipalities should provide services equally to all citizens. We promote these things mentioned above according to Finnish parliamentarism.

Look at our new green party agenda, from here.

Look at our videos in the youtube, from here! You can look at fine Finnish train videos here! Please have a fine look at the fine Finnish train videos! Trains are fine and environmental. The trains suit to Islam.


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SIP - Suomen Islamilainen Puolue

SIP - Suomen Islamilainen Puolue

SIP - Suomen Islamilainen Puolue

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