The Finnish Islamic Party´s "green revolution" program 2009. This party program is still valid in 2013. This translation from Finnish into English is not the best one. But you can read it. I hope that we have here a better translation later on.                                             

   Green program´s meaning is to assist health fysical and mental wellness in Finland and in world with Islamic politics. Islam is both a religion and a political ideology. Both Muslims and non-Muslims may support political islam in Finland. With green program we control progress of the society and help with enlightenment and practical action´s to support good lifestyle´s.
   Green program´s goal is more healthy and more safe Islam based Finnish society, where adult´s, young and childrens can live in health world based on to human society system and sosial justice.
   Green program is rewarding economicly and like this Finnish society comes better, and common lifequality comes better.
   Green program´s wide society program is solution to less expenditure, to stop climate change and to save the nature with sustainable development. To secure for people quality life.

1. Green program: Families and individual´s

   The Finnish Islamic Party´s green program ascribes importance to good life, nature, maintenance of good life values and well-being of individuals and families with teaching to them Islam and how to save the nature with sustainable development.
   All this is based on Islam and Islamic values. This helps to make choices in individuals' life and in parenting. The goal is to fortify life of the individuals and families.

2. Green program: Civilization and school

   Child has the right to pre-primary education and primary education. Everybody has to have the chance to progress in education according to his abilities. Green program support´s people to study with them abilities and with the need of labour.
   Swedish language enforced teaching have to stop and to be changed to optional language. Swedish language area´s have right to study with Swedish language.
     Nature values and sustainable development have to be included in education. And student financial aid needs have to be raised sufficiently.
   Muslim children's religious requirements need to be taken into account. Muslim children should be freed from music classes. They could alternatively read and listen to the Holy Quran. Muslim boys and girls are in separate premises in swimming halls. Muslim children should retain their privacy according to moral values by avoiding to be seen naked by others in swimming halls. 
   And the current sex education to be changed because it promotes casual relationships. Children and youngsters need to be freed from all non-Islamic festivities in school.
   We want schools to teach Islamic family values to Muslim children´s.

3. Green program: Intoxicants

   With green program the intoxicant problem person should be lead to get sober, and when necessary, lead to forced care.
   Youngsters and children are in danger because of the free minded alcohol policy, that´s why in public places we should ban all kinds of  using intoxicant´s and criminalize that. For drunkdriver´s have to get more high public punishment´s and from death injuries more high punishment´s.
   Green program aim that in future here is Islamic law working.
   Now national economy receive a great bill from free minded alcohol policy. Alcohol edification needs to be increased in schools and educational institutions.
   We present preventively following:
With green program we present that the sale of alcoholic beverages and other intoxicants in grocery stores should be banned in all Finland. The using, selling and advertising of alcohol should be banned. All kind of advertising of alcohol and cigarettes should be banned.
   From drug crimes and drug selling crimes should get more high public punishment´s. With this action´s we prevent our childrens and youngsters to be exposed to come intoxicant user´s.


4. Green program: health care

   Anticipatory health care will be processed by instructing to rehabilitation and healthy life style early enough. This benefits people's health and well-being. We want society to expand health care continuously. Healthcenter´s and hospital´s special doctor services availability must secure for all citizen´s. This way individual will get the care and information what he needs on time. This way we can cut the sickness expenses.
   Development of health care should meet the present demand. Green program aim to that, that nobody´s healthcare is not depented from financial situation. KELA doesn´t refund private hospital´s, healtcenter´s  or private dentists care.
   Public healthcare´s doctor´s, nurses and staff cannot work in private healthcare. This will make possible for all the citizens to get equal and sufficient health care.

5. Green program: Foreign policy

   The Finnish Islamic Party with green program aims to return to absolute policy of neutrality and Finland to divorce from EU and  EMU. We work towards policy of neutrality with relations to adjoining neighbours and other countries. Green program gives for Finland´s and Russian´s terms special position because of long and good cooperation and friendship.
   Finland´s neutrality is best security guarantee for Finland and Russia. Absolute policy of neutrality makes possible future development of good terms.
   Green program keeps Finland outside from NATO. We also work towards nuclear free Scandinavia.  We respect other nations immunity and sovereignty.
   The Finnish Islamic Party protest to taking part in multinational troops in international operations.

6. Green program: Muslim´s rights

   Men and boys should have the right to get circumcised in public health care if resources allow it. Islamic Halal slaughter should be allowed. Muslims have the right to dress according to Islam in schools, work places and public premises.
   Muslims have the right to pray at work places when its prayer time. Muslims have the right to go to the mosque from work on Fridays to the Friday prayers. Islam  princible way for muslim man to marriage possibility with four wifes. Muslims have the right to establish Islamic schools, cemeteries and mosques.

7. Green program: Immigrant´s

   Immigrant´s education and assimilation to Finland should be rebuild. For immigrant´s should teach sustainable development lifestyle and recycling. Immigrant´s general education and especially teaching of Finnish language should be advanced by taking supply of labor and immigrants' level of education into account.
   Language and civics teaching for immigrants should be boosted. Home preventative fire- and electricity safety information teaching should be obligatory. Making immigrant info-center´s  around Finland.

8. Green program: Interest free Islamic banking system

   The green program is working towards interest free Islamic banking system in Finland. This way we stop deptor´s to get into dept more because of interests. And this way obligor will not incur debts because of interest and inflation will be restrained. This decreases international financial crisis to impact  Finland.
   Recession´s common  reason has been banks interestpolicy and reckless loans giving with interest. Interest free banking system calms money market´s. Interest free banking system finances economy and allow economy to work with fair profit.
   Islamic bank is not based on deprivation.

9. Green program: Employment policy

   Green program´s commensurate full employment situation comes like that, that big listed company´s nationalize to support full employment with stopping speculation and with supporting small and midlle size companys. Society should promote education of labor according to demand and assist companies that hire long-term unemployed.
   In our program in our society with manufacturing, services and other industrys active functions we reach full employment with assisting big industry productive goal´s and exporting. In nationalized companies we try to increase output quality grade. It enables that profit´s stays in Finland. It enables to add more job and to develope supporting payroll system´s.
   Green program´s sustainable development idea enables national power solution´s wide reseaching, what enables national power production introduction making power production company´s. This enables to create more work places.
   With sustainable development nationwide recycling accomplishing with considering widely all different division´s and servicepoint´s- and center´s building and consolidation. National environmentally friendly fuel´s and lubricant´s reseaching and generationwork to start producing to replace import fuel´s entirely. Environmentally friendly fuel´s and lubricant´s factory´s and distribution network building.
   These action´s have wide  employing effect.

10. Green program: Environment values

With green revolution program we present appreciating nature and present the following actions:
  Sustainable development commensurate lifestyle, where society effort´s much with enlighten, instructing and developing condition´s, which enables above mentioned accomplishing in normal day life making that natural lifestyle and habit. 
   Green program commensurate energy and  its generation enviroment friendly considering  existing natural resources. For example from turnip rape can be made diesel oil and lubricant´s. From wood receivable ethanol can refine fuel for automobile´s. This could decrease oil consumption. Energychips  using augmentation in generating heat and electricity. Augmentation of wind power. Willow augmentation have to add for making energy and resting place of an animal using for energy. Solar energy´s utilization. Wood briquet´s production. Using geothermal heating.
   Society have to finance green energy´s development and generation.  Public  traffic´s developing  considering scattered settlement areas.Bus Service Matkahuolto In city have to develop railtraffic for example trolley´s and in metropolitan area extend metro net. Train traffic´s development with extending and renovating railroad´s.State Railways VR
   Passenger friendly ticket  pricing, that it could be 
competitive for  private motoring. Public traffic have to cover all country. Government´s support for public traffic.
   According to green program we present surrending from nuclear power, when surrogate energy has been developed.
   Unnecessary new transport equipment´s buying to get tax reduction have to stop fiscally. Long time same transport equipment´s using company have to reward fiscally.
   Recycling´s augmentation with government´s supporting and leading. Recycling center´s to cover all country. People´s enligtening from importance of recycling.

11. Green program: Social policy

   We present according to green program for all citizen´s social services fair and equal generating from one place for example from KELA.
   Income support admittancing reason´s are allways distinctive situation´s.  Considering evenhandedly need´s.  Services should be developed according to peoples needs. Housing benefit system should be removed and instead have to create cheap rent apartments, which allow´s for people in every income level to live in rent apartment  inexpensively protecting possibility for normal life. Because of this people would not  need to make housing benefit application´s.
   Income support´s  sicness allowance money admittancing from KELA. This above mentioned condition is home and land speculation´s full banning. Government  claim´s building land for himself. Government oversees price´s. All kind of speculation must be stopped for common good behalf. 
   Green program guarantees for all citizen´s full employment. Consequently there is not unenployment. And because of that we dont need unenployment benefit system.
   Social security benefit and pension have to raise with index. Social security benefit have to raise to sufficient level.
   Retarded and longterm sick people´s needs and lifequality´s noticing and them rehabilitation´s and education views noticing and developing, and pension solution´s facilitation. Handicapped and old people´s living conditions developing considering them special needs.
   Green program try to take notice of peoples needs and human life. Child families living facilitation. Green program encourages establishing families and to get children´s. That´s why we take notice of to families incoming to  ease them living with child benefit´s raising according to index.

12. Green program: Housing policy

   We present carrying out different kind of house producing models that would ensure every citizen their basic right for an appartment. Different forms of owning a house needs to be developed and building rental appartments needs to be increased, that way that covernment claims building land´s. With these actions homelessness can be removed urgently,  and a right for an appartment ensured to all citizens.
   For buying home longterm interest free loans. These actions have beneficial influence for employmentary and for homelessness.

13. Green program: Economic policy

   According to green program we nationalize all big international and national speculating public companys, and to stock market taken covernment´s company´s. By covernment owned company´s produces  throught dividend for them owner´s earnings. With these action´s we accomplish full employment and for worker´s quorum´s adding in these company´s, their leading and developing.
    Establishing workplace council´s to manage company´s with professional leader´s.  Workplace council´s lead company´s payment- and social and staff political solutions with trade union. Council´s set year goals, 5 year- and 10 year plans to develop company. Workplace council´s members workers choose´s from among of workers.

   Green program advances independent practitioner´s and small company action. We ease throught covernment company´s situation according to islamic fair taxation and islamic interest free banking system.
   Common tax rate is 10 for workers , practitioner´s, small and midlle size company´s and cooperatives. Islamic commensurate alms tax (zakat) 2,5% have to be payed one time in year from  existing property. Pension security consist from throught work pension. For housewife´s consist pension security according to work pension.
   Workers and unions situation must be secured. Value added tax (alv) removed in its entirety. Economic policy´s have to be socialy fair, because according to islam society must be based on social justice.
   Insurance company´s and pencion insurance company´s and pharmacy´s taking for covernment. Big listed company´s like trading company´s and big cooperative shop´s for covernment. Medicine company´s for covernment. Post services for covernment. New post office places for covernment taking care of. Big listed company like transport company´s for covernment. Bank´s nationalizing to islamic interest free banking system.
   Green program enables workers to make cooperatives in different areas that way, that taking care of society´s guidance according to needs. With these business action different actions green revolution based thinking aspire to for socialy more justice society giving it citizens possibility to impact and fulfill green revolution ideology.

14. Green program: Agricultural policy

   Agriculture of Finland should be ensured and self-sufficiency should be increased with favoring national foods. Domestic products and alternative plants for raising should be assisted. Organic food production adding with nature values to produce good quality and healthy foods and peoples wellbeing adding. Organic food market encouragement.
   Small farm´s specialising encouragementing for example with vegetables and root vegetables producing.  Improvement level of farms should be raised. We say NO for contaminant power aqriculture.
   Aqricultural´s supporting system has turn out problematic, thats why according to green program all big farms should nationalize or make them cooperative´s. With these strong action´s is possible to rationalize organic food production and make farm´s  profitability better. This makes possible to take away aqricultural´s supporting system.
   Covernment and cooperative´s farms  set´s year- and five year plans in them productive actions and in them marketing. This enables aqricultul´s machines rational procurementing and machines utilization in many farms.
   National food industry´s production capacity and extent of value added adding  in homeland´s market´s and in exporting using only national aqricultural raw material´s. Covernment oversees aqricultural product´s exporting with limiting also in homeland produced product´s exporting. Covernment oversees aqricultural product´s and food´s prices protecting for users cheap prices.
  We don't favour genetically modified food. We want pork production to be replaced with other production. Has been pointed out pork´s detrimental effect for man. From pork´s production be composed  environment harms.  Pig´s urine is used fertilizering fields, it contains strong ammoniac elements, what pollutes and eutrophicates water system. Qur'an forbid´s  pork´s using.
   Fish breeding and domestic fish's consumption needs to be increased. Lambs meat, goats meat  and rabbit meat´s organic production should be promoted. These actions have beneficial influence for employmentary in our society.

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SIP - Suomen Islamilainen Puolue

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